Precise pointer with five fixed navigation markers

ILUMARK disposable pointer (blunt)

Our disposable pointer (blunt) was developed for the anatomical palpation and the registration of patient anatomy in use with a Medtronic StealthStation® system. It is designed as a sterile disposable product. The set includes pre-assembled navigation markers to increase the precision during navigation.

Reprocessed standard instruments can lead to reduced accuracy. On the other hand, the ILUMARK disposable pointer ensures the highest accuracy and accurate registration of the patient’s anatomy at all times.

  • Pre-assembled markers save operating time for setup and reprocessing
  • No reprocessing costs, less logistic efforts
  • Highest accuracy for every application
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Sterile disposable product
  • Compatible with Medtronic® navigation systems
  • Ideal in combination with our multi modality markers
ProductItem number
Disposable pointer (blunt)

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