Navigated Biopsy Needle (compatible with Medtronic® navigation systems)

Specially laser-cut side window for tissue separation and removal

ILUMARK Navigated Biopsy Needle
compatible with Brainlab® navigation systems

  • Larger gauge cannula for greater stability
  • Large cutting window for perfect sample sizes
  • Inner cannula will not retract or advance when cutting window is open to prevent tissue contamination
  • Easy and intuitive color coded indicator window that shows when the side cutting window is open or closed
  • Smooth, stutter free removal of inner cannula which lowers the risk of an unintended change of needle position
  • Compatible with VectorVision®, with Varioguide® and Frameless

Product Benefits

  • Brainlab® Navigated Biopsy Needle
  • Cannula Diameter: 2.1 mm
  • Cutting Window: 10 mm

Product Specifications

Set contains: Navigable Brain biopsy cannula with a ruler, movable depth control and aspiration tube.

Available in dedicated countries.

ProductItem number
Navigated Biopsy NeedleBBC BL