ILUMARK Navigation Marker Quick-Twist

High-precision navigation markers

ILUMARK Navigation Marker Quick-Twist

Our Navigation Markers Quick-Twist with screw mounting are fully compatible with the navigation systems of BrainLAB® (VectorVision®, Kolibri™, Curve™ and Kick™).  The disposable navigation markers are high-quality sterile packaged in blisters.

  • High-precision navigation markers
  • Variable sets
  • Sterile disposable product
Blister overview
ProductPackaging sizesItem number
Navigation Markers Quick-Twist Set 160

Navigationsmarker Quick-Twist 1602021-160
Navigation Markers Quick-Twist Set 130
Navigationsmarker Quick-Twist2021-130

Navigation Markers Quick-Twist Set 120
Navigationsmarker Quick-Twist2021-120
Navigation Markers Quick-Twist Set 100Navigationsmarker Quick-Twist2021-100

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